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  1. put sth. by

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    • 1. 存(錢)以備未來之需 She has a fair amount of money put by. 她存了不少錢。



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    • 一些英文造句[[[英文高手請幫忙]]]

      ...the departed = the dead 往生者 The dead is respected by the village. put sth. through出錢供養... You have to put your family through the difficulty...

    • put out 的各種意思??

      ...put out用法都一堆. 先只看這句中put sth out的用法,有可能: 1. Liz 和...店裡把東西放定位. 2. 將貨物上架. 雖然put out也有生產的意思,但通常用於生產... think it might not be sufficient by ONLY consulting a dictionary...

    • 英文 fruit水果攤,比較send/mail

      ...郵件She snet the letter by airmail. (她寄的是航空信。)(BrE) to sned sth by post 郵寄某物(AmE) to send sth by mail 郵寄某物A radio signal ...