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  1. put sth. in

    • ph.
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    • 1. 安裝或設置某物 We put new central heating in when we moved here. 我們搬到這兒的時候安裝了集中供暖設備。 We're having a new shower put in. 我們正在安裝新的淋浴器。
    • 2. (在故事、敘述等中)包括或插入某事物 If you're writing to your mother, don't forget to put in something about her coming to stay. 你要是正在給你母親寫信, 可別忘了加上幾句請她來住上幾天。
    • 3. 正式提出某事物; 呈交某事物 put in a claim for damages, higher wages 提出賠償損失、提高工資的要求
    • 4. 給予(打擊); 說某話 Tyson put in some telling blows to Tucker's chin. 泰森重擊了塔克的下巴幾拳。 Could I put in a word at this point? 我現在說幾句行嗎?
    • 5. 花費(一段時間)做某事物 She often puts in twelve hours' work a day. 她常常一天工作十二小時。 I must put in an hour's gardening this evening. 今晚我得用一個小時幹些園藝活兒。
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    • tidy away & tidy out 該如可分辦?

      tidy sth away: put sth in a certain place(esp out of sight) so that a room, etc appears tidy將某物收起... when you've finished playing. 你玩兒過玩具之後要收起來 tidy sth out: remove unnecessary or unwanted items from sth and arrange the rest neatly移去...

    • 一個英文句型問題。?

      ...quot;" 係什麼樣式的而定"in"或"on"吧。 # 某辭典例句:to put sth. in the window (把某物放到櫥窗裡)。

    • 請問一下什麼是"I DONT P…IN IT"?

      ...stock in it. 我不會相信這個。 參考: 1) 2) definition: 1...