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  1. put sth. out

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    • 1. 將某物置於門外(尤指待人取走) put out the dustbins, the empty milk bottles, etc. 把垃圾箱、空奶瓶等放到外面去 Have you put the cat out yet? 你把貓趕出去了嗎?
    • 2. 把某物放在看得見用得著的地方 put out ashtrays, bowls of peanuts 擺出菸灰缸、盛有花生的碗 put out clean towels for a guest 為客人預備好乾淨的毛巾
    • 3. (指植物)生長出(葉、芽等) The trees are beginning to put out shoots. 這些樹正在發芽。
    • 4. 生產或產生某物 The plant puts out 500 new cars a week. 該廠每週生產500輛新汽車。
    • 5. (通常為有某目的)發布(或出版、廣播)某事物 Police have put out a description of the man they wish to question. 警方公布了那男子的特徵, 希望找他問話。
    • 6. 使某物停止燃燒 Firemen soon put the fire out. 消防隊員很快把火撲滅了。 put out a candle, cigarette, pipe 把蠟燭、香菸、菸斗熄滅
    • 7. 關掉某物 put out the lamp, light, gas fire 關燈、熄燈、關掉煤氣取暖器
    • 8. 使(身體某部)脫位 She fell off her horse and put her shoulder out. 她從馬上摔了下來, 肩關節脫臼了。
    • 9. 使(數字、結果、計算等)出錯 The devaluation of the pound has put our estimates out by several thousands. 美元一貶值使我們的估計數差了幾千鎊。
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    • put out 的各種意思??

      ...的字,既使只談put out用法都一堆. 先只看這句中put sth out的用法,有可能: 1. Liz 和 Greg 正在...quot;put on" without "shelf" but you can use put "out" for put something to a place where people will be able...

    • tidy away & tidy out 該如可分辦?

      tidy sth away: put sth in a certain place(esp out of sight) so that a room, etc appears tidy將某物收起...neatly移去不要之物而將餘下之物品整理好;清理 EX: tidy out one's drawer, a cupboard etc 清理抽屜、櫃櫥等。

    • 誰可以給我35個phrasal verb(片語)(20點)?

      ...out; leave sbdy or sth out of sth 遺忘,漏掉 8. put sbdy out 打擾 9. put sth out 熄滅(人為) 10. run out; run out of sth 消耗,用光 11. sell out; sell out of sth...