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  1. put sth. up

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    • 1. 升起或舉起某物

      put up a flag 升旗

      Put your hand up if you want to ask a question. 若要提問題就把手舉起來。

    • 2. 建造或設立某物

      put up a fence, memorial, shed, tent 築起籬笆、建立紀念碑、搭起小棚、支起帳篷

      Many ugly blocks of flats were put up in the 1960's. 許多難看的公寓式建築群都是六十年代建造的。

    • 3. 把某物固定或緊固於某處俾人注目; 展示某物

      put up Christmas decorations, a notice, a poster 展出聖誕裝飾品、發布通告、張貼海報

      The team will be put up on the notice-board. 該隊名單將張榜公布。

    • 4. 提高或增加某事物

      My landlord's threatening to put the rent up by $10 a week. 我的房東要挾說要把每週租金提高10美元。

    • 5. 提供(資金); 借給(款項)

      A local businessman has put up the $500000 needed to save the football club. 當地的一位商人提供所需的500000美元以助足球俱樂部度過難關。

    • 6. 提出(意見等)供討論或考慮

      put up an argument, a case, a proposal, etc. 提出一論點、事實、建議等



  2. 知識+

    • 請幫忙翻譯 put up through

      1.put up=供給,給予 put sth. up to sb. 向某人建議某事 把電話接過來應沒有加up put it through就行 2.After you您先請!(禮讓語) 3.The water come to boil 好像應是The water come to the boil吧 水開始滾了 :P

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