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  1. put the boot in

    • ph.
      kick someone hard when they are on the ground
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    • 幫我翻譯這兩個簡短的英文句子! hit a person when he's down. ex: I'll hit you down when you fall. put / stick the boot in 【口語】狠踢某人;殘忍無情 英國英語而非美國英語的詞語 非正式用語用於朋友...

    • ] 能幫忙翻譯這些英文麼....

      Hi!...These boots have been worn but are in excellent condition.There is no zipper,they pull on easily.I have put the measurements in another answer on the listing...many thanks...

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...hand go hand in hand bite the hand that feeds you 10. foot the bill put your foot down have a heavy foot the boot in on the other foot have one foot in the grave