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  1. put the flags out

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    • 拜託英文高手翻譯一下

      你的文法和所使用的字彙應該要讓講母語的人可以接受及了解。畢竟,你有很多自己的時間準備你的演講,你應該好好找出適合的文法結構來表達你的想法及適當的字彙來談論你的主題。 你們大部分,至少在剛開始的時候,會逐字寫出你們的演講。這是在寫一個作文。事實上,我會鼓勵...

    • 英文題目求解..983137

      ...significance; institutions, schools, and (31.) households would put out national flags. December 25th is also Christmas, a very important day to Christians around the world. (32.) this day, the birth of Jesus Christ is ...

    • 英翻中(不要用翻譯網頁)

      ...the fire fighters could hardly do anything to put out the fire. 由於火燒客輪是在海上發生的,消防員對於... that ships flying ROC flags and those with PRC flags were...