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  1. put together

    • ph.
      組合, 拼裝起來;合計, 總合起來
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    • 1. 組合, 拼裝起來 It's easier to take a machine apart than to put it together again. 把一個機器拆卸下來要比把它重新拼裝起來容易多了。 He started to put his fishing rod together. 他開始把釣竿拼和起來。
    • 2. 合計, 總合起來 She is smarter than all your consultants put together. 她比你所有的顧問合起來都還聰明。
    • 3. 組織, 安排 I must put my thoughts together before I go on the stage. 我必須在上台前把思路整理、組織一下。 The agency has put together the biggest campaign ever for the new car. 那代理商為新車安排了空前盛大的促銷活動。


    組合, 拼裝起來

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