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  1. put up

    • vt.
      升起;蓋起; 砌起; 支起; 架起
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 升起 to put up one's hair 把頭髮盤起來 to put one's hand up 舉手
    • 2. 蓋起; 砌起; 支起; 架起
    • 3. 張貼 he had put up a notice on the board 他在板上貼了一個通告
    • 4. 提高; 增加 the government has put up income tax 政府調高了所得稅
    • 5. 發起 our side put up a good performance 我們這邊表現相當不錯 they surrendered without putting up much of a fight 他們沒有激烈反抗就投降了
    • 6. 提供
    • 7. 提出 to put sth. up for discussion/consideration 提出某事供討論/考慮
    • 8. 發射
    • 9. 拿出來 to put sth. up for sale/auction 拿某物出來賣/拍賣
    • 10. 為…提供食宿 to put sb. up for the night 留某人過夜
    • 11. 提名 to put sb. up for promotion 提名某人晉升
    • 12. 讓…升級 she was put up from set 2 to set 1 她被從二級提升到了一級


    • 1. 過夜 to put up with friends 住在朋友家裡 to put up at a stranger's house 在陌生人家裡過夜
    • 2. 自薦 to put up for the post of .../for the election 自薦出任…之職/參加選舉 to put up or shut up 要麼澄清自己,要麼閉嘴