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  1. put up

    • ph.
      construct or erect something;display a notice, sign, or poster
    • 釋義


    • 1. construct or erect something
    • 2. display a notice, sign, or poster
    • 3. present a proposal, theory, or argument for discussion or consideration
    • 4. increase the cost of something
    • 5. provide money as backing for an enterprise
    • 6. offer or show a particular degree of resistance, effort, or skill in a fight or competitive situation
    • 7. offer something for sale or auction
    • 8. accommodate someone temporarily
    • 9. stay temporarily in accommodation other than one's own home
    • 10. propose someone for election or adoption
    • 11. cause game to rise from cover
    • 12. return a sword to its sheath
  2. 知識+

    • put up or shut up?

      put up or shut up?是什麼意思?這是英文成語. put up 是承受, shut up 是閉嘴成語文字上的意思是"承受, 或者逼嘴", 意思就是"你要不是忍受, 就是閉嘴"算是比較重的成語 通常是在教訓人時用的

    • 請幫忙翻譯 put up through

      1.put up=供給,給予 put sth. up to sb. 向某人建議某事 把電話接過來應沒有加up put it through就行 2.After you您先請!(禮讓語) 3.The water come to boil 好像應是The water come to the boil吧 水開始滾了 :P

    • 【英文片語】put up

      在此段文章中 put up: 驚起(野獸), 把(野獸)趕出來 茲將全文翻譯如下: It chanced...well-marked scent, 譯: 剛好他的獵犬們, 迷戀於一種明顯的氣味 “put up” a boar, lying hidden in the woods, 譯: 趕出了一頭...