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    put up a front

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    • 三個英語單字->>>area, region, front

      ...優越 4 前額 5 a. (在危險時的) 舉止, 態度 b. 外表的偽裝 They put up a good front. 他們裝出很體面的姿態 6 a. (臨湖, 河, 街的) 土地 b. (沿著水邊) 悠閒的...

    • 誰可以告訴我這段英語如何翻/看不太懂/謝謝

      ...rsquo;re also creating a “zone of risk” by standing in front of the car. 站在車子前面...that not only are you putting yourself at risk but... setting up a scenario that wouldn&rsquo...

    • 請幫查看語法是否有誤

      ... pre-filter should be set up in front of the Air Handling...therefore 因此,連貫前句與後句) A CFU is always ... this situation, the designer will put the pre-filter in front of the ...