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  1. put years on (or take years off) someone

    • ph.
      make someone feel or look older (or younger)
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    • 請英文高手,幫我即將升國一的兒子解答文法

      ...else A: ( 4 ) else不能在前面,someone比較合理! 2012-06-26 15:25:50 補充...the view _____ the window. (1)through (2)on (3)by (4)next to A: ( 1 ) through...will take a course ˍˍˍ art history this year. (1)in (2)at (3)for (4)of A...

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      ...竭盡所能例句:I will go out on a limb to help you.我會竭盡所能的幫你go head to head(with someone) 與某人正面衝突例句:I... doing well this year.根據報導,BMW今年很賺錢。put up with someone or something*容忍...

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      .... 6.Jet lag often means that even on your days off you are usually tired... off per month; roughly 6 months off per year!). 2.Get free or reduced-cost travel ...