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    quail before

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    • 請幫我想英文的俚語 <煩問題>

      ...straw 雞蛋里面找骨頭, 吹毛求疵, 找碴儿 quote out of context v.斷章取義 片語: quail at/ before v.畏縮 Qqualify qualify as 取得...資格 把(某人)說成 qualify for 有...

    • 請幫我翻譯這一段英文的意思(15)

      ...that bled; 那可怕的身軀正流著血 There were many in the court that quailed 在場地裡還有許多的畏懼 Before all his say was said. 在他發表他所有意見前 For the...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文謝謝!! 兩小段

      ... got out, the innermost feelings quailed suddenly, how was afraid itself not to understand...emerge gradually, somewhat feels helpless feeling. Before the passing through the gate, in the brain is...