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  1. quake

    • IPA[kweɪk]


    • v.
      (especially of the earth) shake or tremble;(of a person) shake or shudder with fear
    • n.
      an earthquake;an act of shaking or quaking
    • verb: quake, 3rd person present: quakes, gerund or present participle: quaking, past tense: quaked, past participle: quaked

    • noun: quake, plural noun: quakes

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. informal an earthquake a big quake east of the Rocky Mountains
    • informal an act of shaking or quaking a little quake of delayed shock nudged her
  2. 知識+

    • 幫我翻譯一下:Great quakes-Kobe,Japan

      ...我真的以為我就要死去 The most deadly earthquake since a 1923 Tokyo quake,that killed 140,000 people. 最致命的地震發生於1930東京,有140,000人因而...

    • The largest of the quakes ...

      ...39;clock this morning 新竹 於凌晨 2時 發生, 測出 震度為 4.1級. That quake was centered some 19-kilometers south-east of county hall, at...

    • Rulers of nations quake with ?

      Rulers of nations quake with fear as king demands their fealty, and they realize that their doom has arrived 國王要求各國統治者宣誓效忠的時候,他們都嚇得發抖,而且知道要大難臨頭了。