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    • quality的復數
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    • the quality of 後面要不要加the呢達人請進

      1. the quality of the product 跟 the quality of ...冠詞或單複數,要從上下文來看,就 the quality of the product 而言,它的上文可以是...quality of life 定指:the quality of their life    the quality of...

    • House of Quality

      house of quality 是一個組合圖用來顯示品質要求(Demanded Quality Hierarchy...Quality Characteristics Hierarchy) 之間的關係. house of quality 圖也用在設計 6 sigma上, 用來顯示客戶滿意重要因素與重要的品質因素間的關係...

    • 同義字& quantity 與quality 的差異

      quality 1 [uncountable and countable] how good or bad something is 2 [countable usually plural...different from other things, for example size, colour etc: the drug's addictive quality quality of 4 [uncountable] a high standard: 5 quality of life how good or bad your...