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    • 徵求英文達人幫忙翻譯英文文章

      數列(或非運載通過公告)。 非運載通過公告被定義成公開市場 由沒有再買伴隨的再買公告(即, 計算機統計數據條款#93 )在公告處所和隨後處所。 反常增殖被測量,當表現被匹配的反常總增殖(ABACC)的平均為四分之一−1和處所0 (處所0是公開市場再買公告處所)的...

    • 翻譯中翻英,內容200字以內。

      ...the basketball competition of grade eight.The second section reccess,Lin and I went to see... back. They said :「The last two quarter we kept missing and one of our ...

    • 英文高手幫我><((翻譯食譜急!!!

      ... clean and cut in to 10cm sections. Split through each section lengthwise, leaving one quarter of the way uncut. ( the so called "butterfly " style ...