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    • 遁辭,謬論,雙關話推託,詭辯,說模棱兩可的話,說俏皮話對…詭辯
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    • 請幫我在網路上找10個pun (20點)

      ...different applications of a word present an odd or ludicrous idea; a kind of quibble or equivocation. --Addison. A better put on this...

    • 藍綠鬥爭翻英文

      ...爭吵 wrestle 角力,搏鬥 disagree 爭論,爭執 disagree 意見分歧 dispute 爭論;爭執 quibble 推託;說模稜兩可的話 feud (部落或家屬間的)世仇 duel 決鬥 engagement 交戰 competition...

    • 急急急20點...請英文達人救命...設計英文劇本! time to learn how to use. c: yes. m: and it's totally reliable - we do have no quibble return policy, but so far nobody has sent one back to us with...