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  1. quick bread


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    • 英文諺語裡有提到「食物」(尤其麵包)的所有諺語

      ...商量。 4. Don’t quarrel with your bread and butter. 不要和你的麵包和奶油過不去。 5. ... not all mouths. 人各有所好。 7. Quick at meat, quick at work. 吃飯快,幹活也快。 8. ...

    • 英文考卷問題 10點

      一 1.ecxited 2.caught 3.Quick 4.umbrella 5.bring 二. 1.studied 2.mopped...6.planned 三. 1.Susan bought some bread in the nigntmarket. 2.At the third day,we visted...

    • 我需要英文對話

      .... I’m skipping the bun. Bread is high in carbohydrates. Walter...: Why? Walter: Carbs provide quick energy. For example, you need that energy to jump out of...