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    quick on the trigger

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    • 土石流英文文章 簡單

      ...sec. Others begin very quick and continue like an avalanche... and up to 30% water. The point where a muddy flow, depends on its grain and the water... rock pieces can trigger a material flow, too.

    • 拜託,幫我翻譯foster the people的一首歌 waited for a long time. Yeah the slight of hand is now a quick pull trigger, I reason with my cigarette, And say your hair’s on fire, you must have lost your wits...

    • 求救.....英文高手......翻譯

      我們的結論對在差異意識模型裡表示的理念提出懷疑, 那經理有社會知覺偏見的相對劣質的知識,這反過來解釋他們的其它人的差別待遇。 社會知覺偏見的知識可能激勵經理離開什麼時候涉及這樣的知識看起來已經好的文化上多種多樣的勞工的陳規雖然, 因此訓練保持基本上不被差異影響...