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    • 安靜,寂靜
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    • 請幫我把這些句子翻成一句

      the quietness makes this a painting. the painting is powerful. the quietness is of the scene. the scene us snow-covered. the quietness is in contrast to somthing. it is a vividness. the vividness is of...

    • 英文翻譯 [我要正解] 20 點 急

      U have no idea 你不知道 What I have been through 我經歷了什麼 so will u just shut up and give quietness ?所以你可不可以閉嘴然後安靜一點? u=you 請不要相信翻譯軟體==

    • calmness 和 tranquility 程度上有何不同

      ...placidity}, {serenity}, {tranquillity}] 2: a state of peace and quiet [syn: {tranquillity}, {quietness}, {quietude}] 資料來源(3): Internet Dictionary Project...