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  1. quite a few


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    • 1. 相當多 Quite a few of the students were late. 不少學生遲到了。
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    • quite a few 用法詳解

      ...一些書) a lot of money (= much money)、a lot of books (= many books) quite a few/a good fewquite a little 意 思 是 「 不 少 」 ...

    • 附加問句觀念問題

      1. Quite a few foreigners like to eat stinky tofu, ____ a.don't they b...用了they,主句是肯定的,所以附加問句用否定的don't。quite a few = 滿多人,不是副詞,而且是肯定的意思。 2. These...

    • quite a bit 意思是?

      quite a bit Also, quite a few; quite a lot. A considerable or moderate amount,----不少,還有一些 There's still quite a bit of snow on the ground.地上還有不少積雪.