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  1. quite a little

    • a fairly large amount of
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    • a fairly large amount of

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    • quite a few 用法詳解

      ...much money)、a lot of books (= many books) quite a few/a good few 、 quite a little 意 思 是 「 不 少 」 例 如 He has...

    • 請推薦我基本文法英文書或網站

      程度副詞>>>修飾形容詞/情狀副詞 very/so/ pretty/quite/little/a little/more/simply/hardly/certainly….+ adj./adv. 見 <<...

    • A- Z 開頭的片語

      .... Lee has quite a few books. 李教授有不少書。 quite a little 不少(不可數) Mr. Lee has quite a little money. 李...