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  1. quite a lot of

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    • 1. 相當多 We drank quite a lot of wine. 我們喝了不少葡萄酒。



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    • quite a few 用法詳解、some books (= a few books一些書) a lot of money (= much money)、a lot of books (= many books) quite a few/a good few 、 quite a little 意 思 是 「 不 少...

    • 髮禁的英文範文.....

      The ban of hair restriction has rouse quite a lot of controversy these days. Personally, I... alike no longer have the right to set a limit on the students' hair styles. ...

    • 有哪特別集合數的動詞必需是用單數的?

      以下都是"很多"的意思 後面接可數名詞(複數) many = quite a few = a lot of = a number of (a ~ of) = lots of = plenty of (~ of) 後面皆不可...