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  1. quits

    • KK[kwɪts]
    • DJ[kwits]


    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 【口】相抵了的;互不相欠的[F][(+with)] You've bought the train tickets and I've paid for the meal so we are quits. 你買的火車票,我付的飯錢,所以我們誰也不欠誰的了。
  2. 知識+

    • quit的用法

      是的, quit除了後面接動名詞(Ving)的用法以外, 也有接不定詞 ( to + V) 的用法, 但這是不一樣的用法, 茲比較如下: a) 及物動詞quit + Ving ....這Ving動作是直接被放棄的動作. He has...

    • 這句話裡面quit的時態

      因為quit為不規則變化動詞. 故不受敘述句子的時態而變化.但也可以用quitted. 不規則變化動詞約分為五類,分別說明如下供你參考: 現在 過去...

    • 英文演講題目(told smoke quitting.)

      應該是Talk about quitting smoke吧? Hi Everybody !Today I am here to tell...for yourself and your family and for our beautiful world,you need to quit smoking!! First let take a deep breath every time you want to