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  1. quote — unquote (also quote, unquote)

    • ph.
      used parenthetically when speaking to suggest quotation marks, to indicate the beginning and end of a statement or passage that one is reciting or repeating
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    • ㄧ些英文的解惑 請教大師

      ..., and between the services and industry. 簡單說就是「國家安全整體目標戰略」 B. quote, unquote 很好查,如下:( a parenthetical expression said before a word or short phrase ...

    • add當加法的使用方式

      ... Learners 2007 edition p.17 quoted to put numbers or amounts together... do you get if you add 75 and 63? unquoted 2011-11-11 14:55:02 補充: Cambridge...

    • 請幫忙翻譯越南文→中文(20點)

      =quote= =國際= Thanh map! 成哥 胖! The PP case chi co 0,5usd thi khong dang la bao nhieu...每緣還是很高,你要幫我跟 Kris 談這個事情一下吧 Thank & bye all! 謝謝&掰掰你!! =unquote= =是國際=