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  1. quoting

    • quote的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 有誰知道jobs quotes是甚麼

      quote 是quotation的簡稱. Can you give me a quote....可不可以報個價. 為什麼要叫Job Quote...price list談成生意. 所以, 每個deal都可能是一個job quotes. 有些vendor會有一套standard price list, 然後碰到有對手...

    • Thomas Jefferson的QUOTE 什麼意思??

      ... 的說法 其他相關於支持擁有槍械的 quotes: " disarm the people is the best...the time. 2009-01-26 10:56:48 補充: 有關 human nature quotes 如下, 但很難找說直接說人性本善的, 大概外國人沒有...

    • To quote or to Paraphrase 20點

      To quote is to use the original segment of the source as it was ...take a broad overview of the source materials. When/what to quote? To paraphrase? Or to summarize? It all depends...