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    rabbit 中文
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    • 誰知道”the rabbits foot”的由來

      The rabbit was caught in the beutiful vale of Commondale nestling... Moors. Folklore and history tells us that the rabbits foot is one of humanities oldest superstitions icons...

    • 請幫我檢查一句中翻英及協助翻譯另一句中文,謝謝。

      請問這一句中文“兔子們從出生後經過15個月就會死亡”翻成英文是 “Rabbits will die after 15 months from birth.... 2013-06-13 17:07:46 補充: Rabbits' doom is spelled 15...

    • 護身符?兔子腳?

      THE RABBIT FOOT 圖片參考: The belief that...folklore, in earlier decades, it was only the left hind foot of the rabbit that was considered lucky and the bearer had to rub it to activate...