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  1. racial equality

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    • 幫我想幾個controversive issue

      Abortion墮胎 Racial equality種族平等 Prostitution賣淫 Capital punishment死刑 Arranged...

    • To kill a mockingbird的角色

      ... up for what he believes is right and helps to establish racial equality. Jem: A typical American boy, refusing to back down...

    • 英文演講稿,題目太難了,請幫幫我?

      這全部都是非常常見的議題 我自己就曾經針對上述題目中的兩三題寫過數篇演講 像是Gun Control, Seperation of Church and State, Drinking age, Pot Legalization等等等等等都是非常容易發揮的題目 2006-03-29 06:20:59...