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    radiate from

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    • 一篇期刊的英文麻煩翻譯

      ...lambda. corresponding to a center frequency f.sub.0 of ultrasound waves radiated from the piezoelectric vibrator. 超音波吸收器的每一個切割溝槽的切割深度(d)是由四分之一...

    • 保養品說明英翻中

      Every woman desires flawless, porcelain skin-- a complexion that radiates light from within, coupled with the evenness and delicacy of baby skin. 每個女人都想要...

    • 急急!!有人可以幫我正確翻譯醫囑嗎??謝謝

      radiating 反射痛 nambness  numbness 麻痺 L-spine MRI 腰椎核磁...