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  1. radiations

    • radiation的名詞複數
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    • 如何區分irradiation和radiation兩個字

      樓上各位的解釋並不是完全正確的. Radiation是指放射線, 名詞, 泛指各種波長的輻射線, 包括較短波的加瑪射線到較長波的...

    • Radiation in Japan

      I think this is what you want After absorb 150 msv could cause damage to bone marrow, visual system, and the genitalia. 1000 msv would cause permanent full body damage. and after absorbing 2000 msv, there would be a 90% chance of death ten hours in the hukusima nuclear generator would radiate 600 msv...

    • 醫囑!翻譯一下!right corona radiation

      right corona radiation and posterior limbs of internal capsule infarct with left hemiplegia=右放射冠和內囊後肢受損導致左半身癱瘓。 註1﹕放射冠(corona radiation)與內囊(internal capsule)後肢(posterior limb)都是腦部的組織之一 註2﹕內囊是在...