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  1. rail journey

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 乘火車旅行 a rail journey across America 乘火車穿越美國的旅行
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    • 英翻中 whilst this....

      ...two hours by First Great Western, we will offer you rail travel vouchers to the value of 100% of the cost of your journey. 我們的乘客旅遊契約中明確記載, 您若因大西部鐵路誤點超過二小時以上時...

    • 英國倫敦的Oyster和Young Person Card

      ...will give you discount on Local (South East) British Rail, but not for long distance journey to rest of UK. You should buy YPR if you want the maximum discount...

    • 請方我翻譯這段文章(急) 贈10點

      ...from Japan had been trans-ported by water, rail, and, finally, truck, a journey that could take 1 month. 以前, 零件從日本運往美國要經過海運、鐵路再加卡車...