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    • 柵欄;圍欄
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    • 一些工共場所的英文

      ...裝有警報,禁止入內。 Do not obstruct or chain cycles to the railings 請不要把自行車靠到或鎖到欄杆上。 Do not put (place) bicycles...

    • 急需高手中翻英的英文文章修正,20點

      ...2012-06-22 18:34:22 補充: In order to maintain a broad perspective, we do not railings are part of the space, and therefore not recommended to stay for ...

    • 翻譯: 農耕機,稻苗 in English?

      Dear Patrick: 農耕機:farming machine 稻苗:seedlings 稻穗/稻子:rice 他靠坐在路邊欄杆上:He sat by the roadside railings 只是一塊小小的耕地:Just a little arable land