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    • take scuba diving lesso(英翻中)~~

      ...diving lessons = 上(或是拿)潛水課程 *scuba diving= 潛水 & Lesson(s)=課程 swim with the ...shark(s)= 鯊魚 I could visit mountains,rain forests,deserts,and beaches-all in...

    • 這篇英文作文可以嗎?

      ... is a plentiful ecological environment. We can go noctivagation or scuba diving. Green Island is also famous for its natural saltwater hot springs, but it often rains.    Last summer, I went to Green Island with...

    • 英文小故事3分鐘的或2分半也可以!^^急需

      ... remembered Noah. The rain ceased, the waters passed away, and...back to him. Noah then sent out a dove, which flew terrified above the waters...