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  1. raise a laugh

    • ph.
      make people laugh
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    • rise. arise.raise如何應用

      ...raise a revolt 鼓動暴亂 c. 引致; 引起 remarks intended to raise a laugh 談話試圖使人發笑 12 用無線電聯繫 couldn't raise the control tower after midnight...

    • what makes you laugh?

      ...answer of question on yahoo knowledge plus. i'll laugh when my boss say i'll get a salary raise. i'll laugh when one of my best friends gives me a call...

    • 幫我翻譯英文自我介紹!!!!!謝謝XD

      ... like dogs very much Our family raised a lot of dogs in the past Have also... again movement and language with making laughs in the program ... He has the ...