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  1. raised

    • IPA[rāzd]


    • adj.
      elevated to a higher position or level; lifted;embossed; in relief
    • 釋義


    • 1. elevated to a higher position or level; lifted they ate on a raised platform at one end of the hall
    • embossed; in relief the building features raised lettering
    • (of bread or pastry) made with a raising agent such as yeast raised doughnuts
    • 2. more intense or strong than usual; higher a neighbor heard raised voices from the women's apartment as we age we are more likely to have raised blood pressure
  2. 知識+

    • rise. arise.raise如何應用

      ...冒起, 上昇 A mist arose. 起霧了 3 ((古.詩)) 起來, 起床; 起立 3.)raise [基本字彙] <<動詞>> (raised, rais...

    • price 是用 raise 還是 rise?

      ... prices for all citrus fruits have raised. 以上哪個是對的? The prices for all...raising. (X) (c) rise 當名詞時, 用法可以同 名詞 raise, 所以 price rise = price raise 例句 There has...

    • raise vs rise的不同

      rise與raise的區别和用法這兩個單字的意思雖不同,但因意義上有關聯而容易被...客人。 She rises early in the morning. 她早晨起得早。 2. raise用作及物動詞,其基本涵義是“使升起来,舉起”,它的過去分詞和過去式...