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  1. ramble on

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    • 1. 漫談下去 He rambled on for hours. 他喋喋不休地談了好幾個鐘頭。
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    • 跪求英文翻譯(謝謝)(拜託) 很急~! with the sunny weather, they went out and seeing around in the market, rambling on, they saw a boat and then bought it.  ★第二幕:→他買到船後放在...

    • P.S.( I am still not over you)

      ...忘不了你 [verse 2] Excuse me, I really didn't mean to ramble on sorry,我沒有意思要說這些無意義的話 But there's a lot of ...

    • 請問wookie的意思為何?

      圖片參考: Christina Tolisano這次被批評為Worst American Idol Contestants of All Time (史上最濫的...