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    • 粗暴的,難控制的,騷亂的
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    • 用英文形容一種動物~要翻譯~20點

      Dogs: hyper, energetic, rambunctious, vicious, aloof, confident, friendly, mean, lovable, dependable, reliable, lively, independent, intelligent...

    • 日劇暴坊將軍的暴坊是什麼意思?

      ...的 あの子は小さい時暴れん坊だった He was really obstreperous( rambunctious) when he was little. 那個人小時可是皮的很 暴坊將軍裡面角色傾向於不...

    • 英文閱讀測驗題 (急問)

      ...—Sarcophilus harrisii—may lie in what happens to these rambunctious youngsters in the next 12 to 18 months. “If they contract...