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  1. rank

    • IPA[ræŋk]



    • n.
      地位; 級別;軍銜; 警銜
    • npl.
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:ranked 過去分詞:ranked 現在分詞:ranking

    • 名詞複數:ranks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 地位; 級別 to achieve the rank of Cabinet Minister 獲得內閣大臣之職 he was elevated to ministerial rank 他被提升到部級
    • 2. 軍銜; 警銜 to be stripped of one's rank 被剝奪軍銜 promotion to a higher rank 晉升
    • 3. 高層社會地位 persons of rank and breeding 地位高有教養的人
    • 4. 等級 a painter of the first rank 一流的畫家 Britain is no longer in the front rank of world powers 英國不再是位於前列的世界強國
    • 5. 行列; 不再支持所屬團體; 緊密團結(以反對某人) rank upon rank of soldiers/police 一排一排的士兵/警察 to break ranks 打亂隊形
    • 6. massed ranks of spectators 密集的觀眾 the trees grew in serried ranks 樹木密密麻麻地長在一起
    • 7. 出租車站
    • 8.
    • 9. 橫排


    • 1. 普通士兵 (to be) in or among or within the ranks 當兵 to serve in the ranks 服兵役
    • 2. 成員 the ranks of the unemployed/the homeless 失業者/無家可歸者的大軍 in or among or within the ranks of ... 在…的成員中


    • 1. 把…分等級 to be ranked in order of difficulty 被按照難度分類 the highest ranked player in the world 世界排名最高的運動員
    • 2. 將…排成行 the tents were ranked in orderly rows 帳篷整整齊齊地排成幾排
    • 3. 級別高於 the Secretary of State ranks all the other members of the cabinet 國務卿的級別高於任何其他內閣成員


    • 1. 排位 how do I rank compared to her? 我同她相比,高下如何? that doesn't rank very high on my list of priorities 那並不是我的當務之急
    • 2. 級別最高 as captain I must rank here 作為上校,我在這裡一定是級別最高的


    1. (of vegetation) growing too thickly and coarsely

    2. having a foul or offensive smell

    3. (especially of something bad or deficient) complete and utter (used for emphasis)


    「1. (of vegetation) growing too thickly and coarsely」的反義字

    「2. having a foul or offensive smell」的反義字