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    rare occurrence

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    • (英文)幫我翻譯此英文文章

      這個新技術有作為它的依據人造材料的發展。 這樣材料允許電子行動世代和精確控制在半導體材料微小的水晶的區域之內, 故意增加了(在多數事例) 詳細的相當數量雜質原子形成一種堅實解答。 純淨的半導體材料指理想或內在半導體的材料。他們擁有雜質原子極小值, 一定無故意增加。我們...

    • '這種病症是罕見的..發生機率大約是每1千萬人''...英文

      This deasease is rare .. the probability of its occurrence is about one in ten million people.

    • 一篇天氣報導要寫英文感想

      ... these two weather conditions to order the occurrence in the same of time already enough the , the end connected... to all snowing unexpectedly, setting rare phenomenon of"all over the place in Marchary snow...