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  1. rather

    • IPA[ˈrɑːðə(r)]



    • adv.
    • excl
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 有點兒 a rather hot day,rather a hot day 有點兒熱的一天 they won rather easily 他們贏得挺輕鬆
    • 2. 相當 it's rather expensive 這東西貴了點兒 he's rather young to marry 他年紀太小,還不能結婚
    • 3. 寧願 would you rather she left? 你願意她離開嗎? sb. would rather do sth. (than do sth.) 某人寧願做某事(而不做某事)
    • 4. 更確切地說 a tree, or rather a bush 一棵樹,更確切地說,一株灌木 last night or rather early this morning 昨天夜裡,準確地說是今天凌晨
    • 5. 相反 it didn't improve, but rather deteriorated 情況沒有好轉,反而惡化了 the walls were not white, rather a sort of dirty grey 牆不是白色的,是灰不溜秋的


    • 1. 當然 you are glad to be home, aren't you? — rather! 你很高興回到家,是吧?──當然! isn't it lovely! — rather! 多麼可愛啊!──確實如此!


    1. used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter

    2. to a certain or significant extent or degree

    3. more precisely

    4. instead of; as opposed to