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  1. ration out


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    • 1. 按定量配給 We'll have to ration out the water. 我們得將水按定額配給。
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    • rations 的中文意思是什麼呢?

      ...講到這句話,那麼這句英文就有更通順的中文可以翻。 Do we have enough rations to hold out through the winter? ↓ 我們有沒有足夠的存糧可以撐過這個冬天? 我們的存糧...

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      Welfare system: ¡ùShare out bonus / ration shares 1.Staff's dividend 2.Staff's rationed...

    • 限電的英文怎說?

      ... Taiwan University, points out that because the water reservoirs in Taiwan...s electricity supply. Hence, the need for electricity rationing cannot be blamed mainly upon the water shortage...