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  1. rave about

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    • 1. 醉心地說 She raved about her child's intelligence. 她一片癡心地談她孩子如何聰明。
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    • 請問「兇」有沒有更適當的講法?

      ...發高燒, 胡言亂語。 狂熱讚揚, 極力誇獎[(+about/of/over)] The guests raved about dinner. 客人們極力誇贊可口的飯菜。 (風等)呼嘯, 咆哮 The wind raved...

    • 請問by a foot 是什麼意思? against the Yankees. Millar was not mad; he was raving about Chien-Ming Wang, whose fastball, Millar ...

    • 英文翻譯!!10點~急

      ... from Italy after Word War II and raved about "that great Italian dish." 但是比薩真正被大家接受而廣受歡迎則是直到...