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  1. raw sugar

    • n.
      the residue left after sugarcane has been processed to remove the molasses and refine the sugar crystals. The flavor is similar to that of brown sugar.
    • noun: raw sugar, plural noun: raw sugars

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      ...過程中的初期產物﹐這在英文中是有其名稱的﹕「raw sugar」, 如果你將「raw sugar」當做關鍵字上網搜尋就可以...應該用「含桂圓紅棗的黑糖磚」的結構來敘述﹕“Raw sugar block with longan and red date”﹐桂圓(longan)與紅棗...

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      .... 據老闆說,桶裝瓦斯價格上揚,成本也會激增。 Prices of raw materials including gas,sugar,oil will increase too. 價格上漲的材料包括瓦斯、糖、油。 You might expensive...

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      ...pretty good substitute by bringing a cup of Demerara sugar ("Sugar in the Raw" works) to a gentle boil with 1/2 cup water; keep refrigerated...