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  1. raw-boned

    • 骨瘦如柴的
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    • 中翻英!!關於一篇短文,禁翻譯機唷!

      ...because of thought the delicacy decided must feed in raw material in the tonight supper, afterwards had good friend doctor... away, she said she wants to put the bone ash on in your family's after mountain, installed...

    • 這段中翻英~~~有人會嗎

      ...) Begin with the behavior of purchasing raw materials and reach the product of finishing...worthy of to make, the ones that utilized the fish bone picture to analyse and emerge in question first...

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      ...lobster 龍蝦 shrimp 蝦子 Prawn明蝦 scallop干貝 Raw fish 生魚片(sashimi) <Meat &...雞大腿 Sirloin steak沙朗牛排 T-bone steak丁骨牛排 beef rib牛排骨 Liver肝 Salami...