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  1. re-elect

    • KK[͵riəˋlɛkt]
    • DJ[͵ri:iˋlekt]


    • vt.
    • 過去式:re-elected 過去分詞:re-elected 現在分詞:re-electing

  2. 知識+

    • 請問3題選擇題的文法 years in this company. (1)to not be re-elected (2)not to be re-elected (3)not to have...補充: 更正:第一題的答案應是(2) not to be re-elected =不要再被選上 這是不定詞片語當動詞...

    • 看不懂以下這句,請幫我分析一下句型

      ...of any campus with hundreds of thrilled people were he to be re-elected next year. = And, were he to be re-elcted next year, I will not...

    • 一題財經英文的翻譯(有關於AGM)

      ...承認(或駁回)當年度之公司盈餘、財務報表及董事會報告。 ◎ To elect (or re-elect) directors and auditors for the coming year  改選下一任...