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  1. re-erect

    • IPA[ˌriːɪˈrekt]
    • vt.
      重新建造; 重新架設
    • 過去式:re-erected 過去分詞:re-erected 現在分詞:re-erecting

  2. 知識+

    • RE開頭的單字有哪些?

      ...vt. 再度強調,重新強調 re-equip           v. 再配備,重新裝備 re-erect           vt. 重新豎立;重新架設;再建造;再建立 ... re-evaluate...

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      ...很有興趣。 Visit---參觀 This afternoon we're going to visit a friend in hospital. 今天下午我們將... monument to the national heroes was erected here after the war. 戰後在這兒豎起了民族英雄紀念碑。

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      ...forecast accurately any swings in the business cycle. ☆ Re = back, again 反向;再次 restore 恢復;重建 = recover... = build 建造 construct 建築 = build, erect 例句:The engineers are ...