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  1. re-evaluated

    • re-evaluate的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • ~很急~會計專業翻譯~英文高手請近

      ...繼續提列折舊 The remains of fixed assets are re-evaluated for depreciation booking base on the re-evaluated useful life. 資產...

    • 一個英文問題 (past tense )

      如果你用 awarded 表示這個句子在說過去發生的事. 如果你用 awards 表示這個句子在敘簽約的過程會如何進行. 因此你要看上下文來決定用 awarded 或 awards.

    • 翻譯文章?英翻中電影關後感?

      你好! 下列為我的翻譯結果 Delete all of the papers he re-evaluated, to overthrow the Professor to his pessimistic thinking, ...