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  1. reach out for

    • vt.
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    • reached的意思?

      ...? 他們什麼時候抵達洛杉磯? 伸出(手);伸手及到,夠到He reached his hand out for the book I offered him. 他伸出手來接我給他的書。 延伸...

    • 有一句英文翻譯,請幫我翻成中文

      直接翻譯: as a powerful tool for reaching out to a customer community 成為/作為(一個)接觸顧客社群的強有力的工具 powerful tool...

    • Connie Talbot reach out 歌詞

      ...gonna change in a minute Just Reach out reach out Cause you're not alone Bridge (I'll be there for you) I'll be there for you (I'll...