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    • 1. 達到 He wore a coat that reached to his knees. 他穿了件長及膝蓋的外衣。
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    • reached的意思?

      ...聲音)傳到[W] 把...遞來[O1] 與...取得聯繫We tried to reach them by cable. 我們試著用電報跟他們聯絡。 (砲火)射及;擊中vi. (不...

    • 請問這句英文otherwise的意思

      ...out of reach = out of reach by other means to access technology otherwise out of reach = to access technology (which is) out of reach by other means 翻譯: 讓...

    • ”到了這把年紀...”一小段中翻英 20點

      When you reach to certain age, I just realise that human life is really short, we...really should wisely use their talent while they are still young, as well as to work hard and be aggressive, don't waste their time and talent. It ...