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  1. reaches

    • reach的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
    • When will they reach Los Angeles? 他們什麼時候抵達洛杉磯?
    • vi.
    • She reached up and picked a pear off a branch. 她抬起手從一根枝上摘下一顆梨。
    • n.
    • The insecticide was put out of the child's reach. 殺蟲劑放在孩子拿不到的地方。
    • reach的動詞過去式、過去分詞

    • reach的動詞現在分詞、動名詞

    • vt.
    • the village is easily reached by bus 乘坐公共汽車很容易到達那個村莊

      I hope this letter reaches you 我希望你能收到這封信

    • vi.
    • to reach across or over 伸過手去

      to reach down/up 探手下去/抬起手

    • n.
    • a long or good reach gives a boxer a distinct advantage 臂展長是拳擊手的明顯優勢

      to be beyond or out of/within (one's or arm's) reach 在(手臂)夠不著/夠得著的地方

    • npl.
    • the upper/lower reaches (of a river) (河的)上游/下游
    • 伸出,延伸,區域,範圍,河段,岬到達,達到,伸出,延伸,影響達到

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    • ph. 某事物(如消息或閑話)傳到某人耳朵裡

    • If this news ever reaches her ears, she'll be furious. 這個消息萬一傳到她的耳朵裡, 她一定得大發雷霆。

    • ph. 伸手拿(東西)

    • Father reached for newspapers before he sat down in his chair. 坐下椅子之前, 父親先伸手去拿報紙。

    • ph. 伸手

    • David reached out and took down the small parcel. 戴維伸手把這個小包拿了下來。

      The monkey reached out a hand through the bars and took the banana. 猴子從欄杆伸出手拿走了香蕉。

    • ph. 伸手可及的

    • I like to have my reference books within my reach. 我喜歡把參考書放在隨手拿得到的地方。

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