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    • to react the signal?

      問:to react the signal? 有這個片語嗎?還是我打錯了...答: 我想你是打錯了啦. 應該是: (1) to reactivate the signal? 這是 重新打開(打出)訊號Or (2) to react to the signal? 這是 對訊號作出反應

    • over react的用法

      over react 用法和react差不多 後面通常會加一個to 例句:He over reacted to this bad news.

    • 請幫忙翻譯此句~ has reacted with

      The air-pollution board has reacted with cautious optimism to the announcement.空氣污染審查會對此宣佈作出了謹慎樂觀的回應這裡的 board 是指...